Friday, September 3, 2010

Redefinin Hillul HaShem II

But if he has been guilty of Chillul Hashem, then repentance has no power to suspend punishment, nor the Day of Atonement to procure atonement, nor suffering to finish it, but all of them together suspend the punishment and only death finishes it , as it is said : And the Lord of hosts revealed Himself in my ears; surely this iniquity shall not be expiated by you till you die. Yoma 86a

I have already discussed the penchant to redefine Hillul HaShem once before. I am brought back to the subject now. Then it was tefillin(arguably according to some opinions a mitzvah d’rabbanan), now it is with brit mila. I said then and I will say again since when did following halakha or acting like a Jew become a hillul HaShem? Considering that just a little further on in the same general sugiya of Yoma it states, What constitutes a hillul Hashem?… Rav Yochanan said in my case if I walk four cubits without Torah or Tefillin. However people are now trying to argue that brit mila, what makes a man a Jew, is a hillul HaShem.

To give an example of what I speak:

Circumcision, or better know as( child mutilation, and torture) came from an ignorant ancient caveman religious beliefs. Circumcision is inconsistent with significant Jewish laws and values. For example, the human body must not be altered or marked. The Torah also prohibits the causing of pain to any living creature. Since circumcision causes extreme pain. Jewish values place ethical behavior above doctrine. Therefor circumcision is antihalachik and a chillul hashem of the first order.

The Greeks thought so as well, and try to do away with it. We fought a war over it, and have a minor holiday dedicated to the victory of that war, it is known a Hannukah. You can come with all of the rationalist, humanistic arguments that you wish. However in doing so you demonstrate only that you have departed fully from the faith of Judaism. Even the rationalist Rambam stated that only through mila is a Jew inducted into the thirteen britot of the Torah. I am not ignorant I know there is probably no medical value to a circumcision. However that is not the point of a brit. The point of a brit mila is as is expounded in the Tur Y”D 160 so that the Jew has a certain and eternal sign of the existence of HaShem in his very flesh.

The rejection of circumcision is by definition the rejection of HaShem. It is not circumcision that is the hillul HaShem here, it is fighting against Torah and HaShem to say that it is an aveira that is the real hillul HaShem. It is a free internet(mostly, and for now) so feel free to spread around your stupidity as much as you want. Just please spare me the stupidity of stating that following Torah is a hillul HaShem. Truthfully what I find most appalling is not the secular humanists who want to fight against brit mila. As I have already said, this is not the first time that has happened. What truly appalls me is the sheer number of people who call themselves Jews who are willing to lay down and take it. To go with the flow.

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Garnel Ironheart said...

1) A few years ago the Reform rabbi in my town wrote an article in the city newspaper about how his support of gay marriage was based on Jewish principles of loving everyone equally and unconditionally.
2) Technically speaking, your description of circumcision is correct. If God hadn't commanded it, the procedure would be considered forbidden (except where medically necessary) just like any other optional plastic surgery is. However, it is precisely because God said to do it that it leaves the realm of prohibited and becomes permitted and required. Only God can take a pure thing out of any impure one.