Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brit Video now up

Finally it is here, video of the Brit. It is a little choppy, I apologize for that. Due to some as yet unknown technical error, the camera was not able to record constantly.


Mentch said...

You sick fuck for posting this.

Anonymous said...

MAZAL TOV - zeh hakoton godol yehiyeh... Hodu l'Hashem ki tov ki l'olom chasdo!

Anonymous said...

Just a question when davening with kavanaot. I noticed there were almost like an entire page of kavaanot for each work in the beracha. How does this actually work? Do you have to meditate on the concepts, etc. but this on the other hand would take too long. I also noticed you did it fairly quickly? But on the other hand, don’t you need to cover all the kavaanot on the page?
SO in general, how does it work? when doing the kavaanot, do you just need to visualise the holy names, or actually spend time to meditate on it..

mekubal said...

Technically yes you have to meditate upon/have in mind certain metaphysical happenings when performing the kavvanot.

Yes, in the one berakha recorded I performed them in a rather rapid(much more rapid than normal) pace. That was in order to spare the child undue pain. The ability to move that fast through any Kavvanah is dependent largely upon having learned the kavvanah ba'al pe, and thus simply being able to focus on the individual yihudim that are upon the page.

In this specific case I had worked at learning the kavvanot of matbea berakha for the better part of six months in order to be able to move through it that quickly.